A Look into the Stoep Studio

I wanted to share these beautiful images my dear friend Paige Wood took with my community. It has been a SHIFT that is for sure. But I am counting my blessings and letting the light pour in.
The best thing I did for my business was to transfer my admin and processing over to Artist Admin, I was burning out quickly and honestly drowning. By doing this I can focus my time on what I am good at, being a mom and creating beautiful work.
It is hard to admit, believe it or not, but I have spent years being dependant on distraction. Perhaps this is par for the course as an exhausted mother that needs a break. I know I have talent and I know I have the ability for this community and space to grow more, but I have let distraction and my "limited money mindset" hold me back from deepening this work. If there is a lesson in this moment, beneath the exhaustion, it is that I am not here to waste my time anymore, because really there is so little of it as a mother of three. I have only recently begun to truly deepen my focus within these beautiful pockets of light filled paint mixing and mark making on the Stoep. There is meditation here, there is deeper work taking place here, and there is beautiful work being made that I feel truly proud of. 
Sometimes I do not get the time to paint; but I am embracing these moments. Truly, I do not need that much time in the day for my work. When I get the time I am focused and I get what I need to do done. In the Book Deep Work by Cal Newport, his philosophy states that you only really need focused pockets of time, in my case in the mornings I will get about 30 minutes to work on the new oil collection, and then in the evenings once the boys are down I come down to do other client work while Frances plays around me. Bed by 8pm because feeding babies all night is no joke!
This time is essential, productive and focused. I love what I do, and I love creating beautiful work for you.
I hope you enjoyed my little tour (its only a small corner really)
Much love, AA