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The last collection I launched in 2021 was in October. It didn't sell as fast as I thought it would which lead me down a rabbit hole of "not-good-enough-everyone-else-sells-out" for many months. Top that with some classic PTSD from birthing twins and throw in some burnout and you have the right sort of self deprecating cocktail to go out and look for a corporate job. And well, that's just what I did. I've update my Linkedin, updated my CV, and have been job hunting for two months. If you ask a creative how many times they have sunken so deep as to do this, I'm sure they will tell you that it has been more than once. Plenty in-fact. But the...

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Arq at Home

What's your current state of mind Self Forgiveness. It has definitely been the hardest season of my life becoming a twin mom and now a mother of three. I have gotten serious about my healing due to my PPD and PTSD getting worse by the month . I think when a lot of things go wrong in pregnancy and birth the mother wants someone or something to blame in order to process it all, and so we often tend to blame ourselves for lack of more control over it all. Instead of just accepting that there was nothing in our control. I have been in a cycle of self sabotage which I am not proud of. I've realised self-forgiveness is a daily practise,...

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HEY Mama, June Edition: KID THE LABEL

Meet the amazing June Mama Makers,  Lindsey Eyre and Seema Allie. While we are also mothers, we are so much more than that. Here is a little about our first markers behind Kid The Label, we LOVE their clothing.  HEY MAMA! What is currently bringing you joy? Food, lols. But no for real, cooking and/or sharing an amazing meal with my family and friends, as well as the ceremony that goes along with that, is something really special for me. Food and celebrating around food has always been a major part of my life and I love it. - SEEMA   What was the last song you danced to? In your living room? In your shower? We want to know Le...

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Daily Rhythm (of sorts)

I wanted to share with you a little sneak into the type of day that we usually have, although everyday is different let’s be honest... but there is some form of structure that we aim to keep to. Not only for our children but also ourselves. Otherwise let’s face it, we would go insane.   “I don’t know how you do it!” Is one of the main things I get on the daily.  Before I share my daily rhythm, I want to put a disclaimer here and say...hands, many hands. A lot of practical; hands on support from family, friends and my partner; that is how. Without them I would not be able to run the studio business and show...

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A Look into the Stoep Studio

I wanted to share these beautiful images my dear friend Paige Wood took with my community. It has been a SHIFT that is for sure. But I am counting my blessings and letting the light pour in. The best thing I did for my business was to transfer my admin and processing over to Artist Admin, I was burning out quickly and honestly drowning. By doing this I can focus my time on what I am good at, being a mom and creating beautiful work.   It is hard to admit, believe it or not, but I have spent years being dependant on distraction. Perhaps this is par for the course as an exhausted mother that needs a break. I...

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