All That Glorious, Temporary Stuff

All That Glorious, Temporary Stuff

On Printmaking, Rest, Mothers Day and the age of overwhelm.

Two months ago I had the privilege of working for five days in the David Krut Workshop. I printed alongside printmaker Roxy Kaczmarek. We created a new body of work ahead of my solo booth at Latitudes Art Fair (May 2024). 

Roxy and I worked on a collection of Oil Monotypes which I then have worked into with Stabilo Woody’s, Caran d’ache crayons and Pencil crayon. When beginning the body of work for Latitudes I started to draw more; small compositions which would then become the basis for larger works on canvas. As I drew more I began to see the more gentle dynamics with working with crayon and pencil and finding the image revealing-itself through the negative spaces. 

One of the most popular questions I get asked is "When did you start painting?"; I have always described my painting practise as a necessity and something that I can't not remember doing. My work has evolved greatly over the last ten years and sometimes I worry about it but most of the time I feel as ease knowing I am able to move through change comfortably. 

I also have this separate track in my life, which is music. I started piano when I was six and then I picked up flute and choir.  I was a child who had interest in several different things and I was good enough at all of them. But there was always a pressure to pick a thing and I didn't want to do that because I saw the connections between them. Now more than ever I am seeing the music in my work. There is always pattern and a rhythm in both but now there is this big breath around it all, a fermata, a rest. 

There hasn't been much time to rest in the space of Graduating and becoming a mother. Having a full work day uninterrupted at the DKW had been something I hadn't experienced since I was 22 and in my fourth year studio. Imagine slowing down as a parent of three and business owner. Something always needs to be done and there is always something I haven't done and will willingly put off. 

As Mother's Day draws nearer I am reminded of my own mother and how much she loved this silly day. I remember her last few and how much I loved them too because I had just had Frances. There is so much marketing going on around it, it almost takes away the meaning for me. I was asked to do about three campaigns for big corporates two months ago only to be ignored after I have sent through my fees. Sitting and working on a body of work not knowing when I will make my next sale these campaigns are the things that keep my business going. "We love your work so much and would love you on this project", until you quote them and you are easily replaced with no explanation due to deadline and budget. I have had a few marketing companies ask for images of me and my children along with copy for them to share on their socials offering no compensation. "We would love you to explain what makes you such an organised boss mom!". I am not sure if people cant see the irony or they just choose not to. 

"We are not socially, biologically, cognitively and spiritually wired for some of the shit going down right now, probably most of it" - Brene Brown. 

We are in an age of overwhelm. Things continue to unfold at a speed that our nervous systems definitely can't manage. The internet distracts me more than it inspires me at the moment. I am refreshing my gmail hoping that the subject is a campaign offer that will see me through May. With that all being said, the fair is soon. I have a new best friend that is a big scary excel spreadsheet. I am cataloging, pricing, ticking boxes, panicking and remembering to breathe. 

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