Framing Guide

So, you have gone and bought yourself an artwork from my store! YAY! (Thank you!) The prints on my store are all standard sized prints: 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 18x24, 20x26, 30x40, so this makes it easy to find “ready made” frames at different home decor outlets. BUT there is always slight chance that they can sometimes be off, have you ever found that? 
I recommend looking at the following stores for your ready made frames if you are wanting a quick framing solution
Country Road
The Deckle Edge
Mr Price Home
It’s important to note; while I know these are the most affordable option and definitely a great choice for a quick decor solution to a lonely artwork wrapped up in tissue paper; the framing mat that comes with the frame (ie the cardboard that created that lovely white space and holds down the print/original work) will most likely not be acid free and archival. This will effect your artwork over time. So always check on the ready made if the mat or mount inside the frame is archival acid free. If not; Your artwork will get damaged or even a little stained over time.
What is acid free?
Acid-free paper is paper that if infused in water yields a neutral or basic PH, the active acid pulp is eliminated during processing. Acid-free paper addresses the problem of preserving documents and artworks for long periods. This is why if you frame your artworks with archival mat, your artwork will last for YEARS and can be passed down in the family 🍂
What should I ask the framer to do?
When you go to your local framing shop, it can feel super overwhelming! So here are some tips...I think my artworks look best in a natural wood,  I would recommend a warmer tones wood like kiaat or a stained pine but truly the colour really depends on your style and the space where your print is going to live. If you are going to your local framers, you will have the option to mount with a matt OR do a floating frame (ie: the artwork created a floating illusion within the frame; the glass does not touch the artwork). The person working in the framing shop is extremely experienced with this too, so never be afraid to ask them their opinion.
I would recommend a kiaat wood floating frame, but it really depends on your interior. Best to also ask your framers for their professional opinion
How much will it set me back? 
Customised framing is not cheap; it is an art in itself. It really depends on the type of framing you choose but it can be anywhere from 800-the thousands depending on the size of the artwork. So no, framing is not cheap, and if you want it done well there is no way around paying a pretty penny, BUT you have just invested in a beautiful artwork so do not skimp on the framing, it will MAKE the art work and make you feel so happy, I promise! AA